Sage Pastel Payroll Products

Sage Pastel Payroll Products

User-friendly Payroll Software

Easy, accurate and secure payroll software that ships with all the payroll transactions your business requires. Integrates seamlessly with the Sage Pastel Accounting software suite.

Sage 5-in-1 Payroll

Do you struggle to find time for everything on your to-do list? Then let us take care of your Payroll & HR tasks. Our Payroll, HR and Self-Service software offers a range of tools to cut your workload. You get five products at one price, so you save money, as well as time. If you need help, call or email us. One of our knowledgeable staff members will answer your questions

Monthly Payroll Processing

Monthly Payroll Processing

Don't want the headache of monthly Payroll processing ??

Rulo Consulting also provides monthly processing of your payroll.

This service consists of the following:

1. Monthly / fortnightly / weekly processing of the payroll.

2. Submission of EMP201.

3. Submission of UIF electronic declaration.

4. Annual & bi-annual EMP501 Reconciliation.